5 Reasons to Start a Worm Farm

5 reasons to start a worm farm Womeries can be set up in the smallest garden and even a balcony and these are the reasons to give it a try: To feed your soil. A healthy worm farm can produce enough vermicompost (worm castings) and vermileachate (worm wee) to feed your whole garden. A wormery …

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Take To The Air

Take To The Air Two of the top gardening trends this year is low maintenance and growing indoor plants. Popular air plants fit both these trends as they require little attention and can be displayed creatively in the home. Tillandsias or air plants absorb their water and nutrients through their leaves rather than their roots …

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How To Care For Air Plants

How To Care For Air Plants The misconception that Tillandsias survive on air only is probably the biggest reason for these plants dying or people not having success with them. Air plants are fairly easy to grow if the correct growing conditions and care is provided. Some of the simple factors which is necessary and …

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The Plantae Orchid Society

The Plantae Orchid Club   The Plantae Orchid Club is currently the largest club/society affiliated with the South African Orchid Council. They have members from all over the country and even some members from Namibia and Zimbabwe. The aim of the club is to create a forum for orchid fanciers/growers who are in an area …

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Vintage Spice Gin

Vintage Spice Gin   Spice things up with this smooth, easy-drinking cocktail, and use the fennel stalk as a natural straw.   Ingredients: 37.5ml (1.5 tots) spiced gin Sprigs of fresh fennel Peppercorns 200ml tonic water Lemon or lime   Method:  Add the gin, ice and tonic water to a glass.  Stir the cocktail with …

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