What’s potting with containers?

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Indoor plants are the new popular design trend. When choosing your indoor plants it’s important not to forget the role that containers play in completing a look. The explosion in the popularity of indoor gardening has made the choices for container types endless, and whether you’re going for traditional or ultra-modern there is bound to be a perfect container for you.


Woven baskets add a natural element to indoor spaces and pair perfectly with larger plants. Big, overhanging leaves or tall plants stems work best to provide a balance that highlights both the plant and the container. Combine the natural with the modern by using coloured baskets with simple stripes like black or white to make your indoor plants more striking.

Pots and Pot Stands

A classic option with both versatility and functionality is the trusty pot. While other container types are modernising, pots are going back to basics, with terracotta as the number one choice. If you have limited counter or shelf space but still want to display your plants, placing them on wooden stands provides elevation and creates an individual design feature in one go. 


Glass is normally associated with cut flowers but can be turned into permanent displays for a contemporary design. The current trends lean toward geometric designs with painted edges that create a contrasting pop of colour and frame your plants. These containers work best for terrariums with a combination of different plants and textures, creating your own tiny garden indoors. Your glass vases don’t have to remain in the cupboard waiting for fresh flowers either – air plants are a great trending alternative to put vases to good use.

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