Take To The Air

Two of the top gardening trends this year is low maintenance and growing indoor plants. Popular air plants fit both these trends as they require little attention and can be displayed creatively in the home. Tillandsias or air plants absorb their water and nutrients through their leaves rather than their roots so without soil, there are many more ways to make them into a feature.


There are hundreds of species of Tillandsia and even more with various cultivars and hybrids. They grow naturally in a range of climates and are very adaptable so there is an air plant to suit most situations. From miniature forms with tiny flowers to huge showstoppers there is a Tillandsia for everyone whether you have a small balcony or sunny bedroom, or a large garden or house wall to decorate.


Rare and Air will be bringing a range of plants to The Autumn Garden Show, including collectors’ plants and some newly imported hybrids and cultivars. They will also have starter packs of plants which are easy to care for and rewarding to grow and highlight the different shapes and colours of Tillandsias available. They will also have accessories including glass vessels, handmade baskets and frames and specialised mounting glue and wire available. This year they are going to design a feature garden of fantasy and fantastic air plants.


Visit The Autumn Garden Show from the 3-5 April at The Herb Farm, Midrand and add some air plants to your plant collection.