Kids need to plant veggies

It’s true that most children kick up a fuss when you place a plate of vegetables before them, but if they have helped to plant and care for those vegetables there’s a good chance that they will begin to appreciate the crunchy sweet taste of young carrots or the wild fragrance of a freshly picked garden tomato. Planting edible flowers and lots of herbs is also your opportunity to teach them to create fresh and colourful salads, and also to teach them that some flowers might look innocent but are poisonous and should be left alone.

Spoon plant markers

If you get children involved in sowing their own veggies, they can also make these fun plant markers from wooden spoons, to help them identify the seeds coming up in the garden.

What you need:

Wooden spoons

Acrylic paint


Permanent marker


Step 1. Mark out the area you want to paint with a pencil, leaving a space for writing.

Step 2. Label the spoons with the permanent maker.

Step 3. Choose your colours and paint the spoons.




The Autumn Garden Show from 3-5 April at The Herb Farm in Midrand has a large section dedicated to kids. The Starke Ayres Kids Zone will include loads of activities for the kids to do!