How To Care For Air Plants

How To Care For Air Plants The misconception that Tillandsias survive on air only is probably the biggest reason for these plants dying or people not having success with them. Air plants are fairly easy to grow if the correct growing conditions and care is provided. Some of the simple factors which is necessary and …

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Fantasy flowers at the show

< Back to blogs Fantasy flowers at the show Floriate 2019 is presented at The Witness Garden Show every year by KZ-NAFA, the KwaZulu Natal Association of Flower Arrangers. The standard of the exhibits in this event is world class and not to be missed. This year they have chosen the theme ‘Fantasy’ which means …

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Best Bonsai Tips

Best Bonsai Tips Are you are an avid bonsai enthusiast, or have you always appreciated this fantastic art form? We have a list of helpful hints and tips below. For the Bonsai enthusiast:It is finally autumn and most of our Bonsai tree will be slowing down in their growth for the winter months. Here are a …

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The Mayford Gin Garden

The Mayford Gin Garden   Need a break from the Autumn Garden Show? Come and have a drink with our friends from Mayford Seed at the Mayford Gin Garden! There will be cocktails and craft beer available so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the views that The Herb Farm has to offer! Visit …

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Holding Bay and Trolley Services

Holding Bay and Trolley Services   We’re excited to have both a holding bay and trolley services graciously sponsored by Protek.    The holding bay is a space where you will be able to safely store your plants while you continue shopping. When you are ready to go home, you may simply collect your stored …

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