What’s potting with containers?

What’s potting with containers? Indoor plants are the new popular design trend. When choosing your indoor plants it’s important not to forget the role that containers play in completing a look. The explosion in the popularity of indoor gardening has made the choices for container types endless, and whether you’re going for traditional or ultra-modern …

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Grow these new veggies with Mayford

Grow these new veggies with Mayford Most store-bought vegetables can’t match the flavour of homegrown. Many people are now growing vegetables and herbs for fun, health, and economy. Homegrown vegetables and herbs are fresh, aromatic and have fuller flavour and are much more rewarding. Check out the newest range of seeds from Mayford that are …

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Starke Ayres Kidz Seed Range

Starke Ayres Kidz Seed Range Look out for Starke Ayres’ new seed range just for kids. These easy to grow seed packets will get you planting just in time for Spring! Introducing the Kidz Seed characters: Bart the Bean I am a tasty green bean with stringless pods.  Sow me in Spring and Summer in …

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Floral Pink Gin

Floral Pink Gin A floral medley of flavours of rose geranium and orange-blossom-infused gin, a few simple ingredients and edible flowers makes for a refreshing and pretty cocktail.    Ingredients: 37.5ml (1.5 tots) floral gin 5ml honey 5 sage leaves 200ml pink tonic water Edible flowers Pomegranate seeds Add the honey to a glass, top …

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Kids need to plant veggies

Kids need to plant veggies It’s true that most children kick up a fuss when you place a plate of vegetables before them, but if they have helped to plant and care for those vegetables there’s a good chance that they will begin to appreciate the crunchy sweet taste of young carrots or the wild …

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