Potty Personalities


Let kids decorate their own plastic pots with cute faces and then fill them with succulents and indoor plants to resemble funky hairstyles.


You will need

Plain white plastic pots

Succulents or indoor plants


Permanent markers



Give the kids their own pots and let them have free reign in drawing faces with permanent markers.

Help them fill the pots with soil and their chosen plants.

Leave the potty personalities indoors or on the balcony in a good spot and let them take care of the watering (and cutting back if necessary).



Avoid succulents with small thorns that can stick in little hands.

Herbs such as chives, parsley, rosemary, thyme and basil also make for funny-looking hairdos and can be left on the kitchen windowsill for regular trimming to use in cooking or munching.

Older children can use ceramic markers on terracotta pots to design pretty patterns or more elaborate drawings.

Look out for the Starke Ayres kid zone at this year’s Autumn Garden Show! 

TEXT Mandy Allen/Bureaux PRODUCTION Jeanne Botes PHOTOGRAPHS Warren Heath/Bureaux. www.bureaux.co.za