Our quirky science is focused on forging deep connections based on creating gins of enduring value right in the heart of Gauteng. We live by the principles embodied within these words: Quality, Originality, Commitment and Experientialism.

Our thinking is unlimited by geographic location so we have developed gins that embody the best the world has to offer.  We source from around the globe to ensure that every aspect of our passion, from the juniper and botanicals that tease the nose and satisfy the palette, to the bottles and corks that proclaim a heritage of aristocracy are sourced from the very best international suppliers.

We create meticulous and scientific awe-inspiring experiences that reflect every gin lover’s individuality.

Our name: (Gin)ologist derives from the Greek word meaning to ‘speak’ knowledgeably on a subject or topic. In other words – an expert. This essentially encapsulates all we stand for and strive for: to be experts on Gin and through that expertise to bring joy to others.

From the very start, we developed and continue to develop our gins on scientific, replicable methodology through our, all glass distillation straight-out of a lab set-up, and this scientific process has enabled our flavour profiles that are unmatched in terms of intensity and quality. In our distillation process we recognise the differences between the botanicals we use and distil them accordingly. Without giving away any of our secrets, our process is designed to treat every single part of the recipe with the respect it deserves to unlock the best possible aromas and flavours, hence the different ways our production is treated. Suffice it to say that we utilise number of different processes often only seen in the biggest of international distilleries in order to achieve a superior end result.

Our philosophy that gin and the gin drinking experience can be as simple or as complex as one chooses has defined our drive to develop gins of unquestionable quality and character which in turn drives our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

It took months to develop our formulas and after 15 test batches we created something unique and worthy of the Ginologist Seal of quality. Our scientific background gave us the knowledge to do rapid product development.  Our final thought is that we source for quality and freshness and give local suppliers preference where possible. In the final analysis if we take pride in the passion and belief that every single person associated with Ginologist has for the Brand and the company.


Kirstenbosch Bloom:



37,5ml Ginologist Floral

1 Orange Wedge

5ml Honey

5 Sage Leaves

Top Tonic Water


Add Orange, Honey and Sage to glass. Muddle. Add Gin & Ice and top with tonic, lift with spoon. Garnish with sage.


Southern Citrus:



37,5ml Ginologist Citrus

5 Pepper Corns

1 Crack Salt

8 Mint Leaves

Top Tonic Water


Add Mint, Salt & Pepper. Lightly press, add Gin & ice and top with tonic water. Lift with spoon and garnish with mint. Salt Tincture.


Vintage Spice:



37,5ml Ginologist Spice

1 Slice Fennel Bulb

1 Lemon Wedge

Top Tonic Water


Add Fennel & Lemon, muddle. Add Gin & Ice, top with tonic water. Lift with spoon and garnish with Dill.