The Herb Farm

ALL the plants in this wonderous Garden, whether they are trees, shrubs, ground covers, climbers, annuals, succulents, no matter how large or small – ALL are herb plants.

Herbal plants have beneficial properties of one kind or another, which you will discover as you walk through the gardens

This garden began its life in 2006. Each year a new section has been added. It is estimated that it now contains over 450 types of herb plants.

There is no other garden of its kind like this in Southern Africa – a true botanic gem nestled in the heart of Gauteng.

Wander around the exclusive herb garden, an enchanting place filled with the fragrance of beautiful plants arranged in spirals, formal beds with statues and fountains, roses in rounds and flowering gems lining the pathways. Enjoy a cup of tea or a refreshing botanical gin cocktail on the deck, stop for a leisurely lunch, or take a stroll along the avenues to shop for captivating plants and all things gardening.


A unique experience of herbal plants!

  • The South African indigenous medicinal Herb Garden. Many of our medicinal plants are common garden plants.
  • The Reflection Garden. Surrounded by herbal plants and trees, pause & gaze over the pond into the distance.
  • The Patio Herb Garden. Showing us how herbs make colourful, attractive & useful potted plants.
  • The Scented Rose Garden. Planted entirely with scented roses, observe the wheels of the colours of the blooms.
  • The Sensory, Spiral Labyrinth Herb Garden. A walk through herbal plants and trees planted according to the the colours of the rainbow. 
  • The Traditional Monastic or Cloister Herb Garden. An enclosed garden with seating where you can rest a while and contemplate.
  • The Lavender Lane Garden. Showcases a range of the more successful lavenders.
  • The Educational Garden: Specimen Gardens.


Join one of our experts on a guided walk and talk tour through a Herbal Labyrinth where approximately 200 different herbal plants have been planted according to the colours of their flower, fruit or berry and learn about the benefits of various plants.

Tours will be daily at 10am and 2pm for an hour

The space on this tour is limited to 50 per tour, so please put your name on the list at the ticket office on the day when you visit.