Stalking on Eggshells


This cracking idea recycles eggshells, transforming them from kitchen refuse into nutrient-rich eco-containers for growing flowers from seed.

You will need:

Cleaned and dry eggshell halves

Egg carton

Potting soil


Spray bottle filled with water

A long needle or pin

Flower seeds such as marigolds, cosmos, cornflowers, nasturtiums, pansies and sweet peas


Crack the eggs and pour the yolk and white into a bowl for cooking.

Rinse the eggshell halves well, making sure to remove the fine membrane, and leave to dry.

Using a long needle, firmly but carefully poke a hole in the bottom of the shell from the inside. This is for drainage.

Lightly spray the eggshells with a fine mist of water.

Fill the shells about ¾ of the way with potting soil using a teaspoon, and level out with your fingers.

Gently press a few seeds into the soil using the instructions on the packet as a guide to suitable depth.

Place each egg container back into the carton.

Place in a sunny spot and wait for them to sprout.

Water with a spray bottle accordingly.

Once the seedlings are large enough, gently crack the eggshell containers and replant them into a pot or container in a place they will thrive.

Continue caring for the seedlings according to packet instructions until they bloom.


Once you’ve emptied the contents of the eggshell for use in cooking, rinse the shells and boil them up for a few minutes. This removes any remaining egg residue and also hardens the shells to prevent breakage.

Make sure you have poked your small drainage hole in the bottom of the shell before boiling.

Smooth out the edge of the shell by removing any small bits of shell before potting with soil.

Try broccoli, radish, carrot and tomato seeds for home-grown veggies.

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