Bedding Plants

Autumn highs

By Alice Spenser-Higgs

No longer is autumn that in-between season when we say a reluctant farewell to summer. As the leaves start turning red and gold, it is time to plant annuals that will flower before winter and even through winter into spring. Perish the thought that this is a quiet time in the garden – it is a riot!

Autumn tips

  • Don’t delay – pull out any lingering summer flowers that are past their best.
  • With the next long growing season ahead, add new compost and bonemeal or superphosphate to the soil before planting.
  • Replace or reinvigorate potting mixes. To reinvigorate, replace 50% of the potting soil with a new batch, adding in vermicompost, palm peat and superphosphate.
  • Rake up the leaves and use them as mulch or to make compost.
  • To mix annuals and bulbs, first plant the annuals and leave space for the bulbs that are planted in mid-April.
  • Protect young plants against snails and slugs with Ferramol (organic snail bait) or snail traps.
  • Water regularly until the plants are established and then reduce watering.

Click here for our autumn planting schedule for easy reference, with everything you need to know at your fingertips!