Meat pies with pea and potato mash   The Australians love their meat pies, and their traditional version is a tasty meat and gravy mixture. The addition of mushy peas is a particular speciality of the late-night pie cart called Harry’s Café de Wheels, in the suburb of Woolloomooloo, Sydney. An icon in Australia …

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Gogi Berries

  Go Goji   Growing your own berries has become a trend over the last couple of years for many reasons: berries are expensive to buy from the shop, growing them is easy, and plants are becoming more readily available from nurseries. Goji berries (Lycium barbarum), a health-boosting superfood, fall into this category and can …

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  Garlic By Alice Spenser-Higgs   How about growing your own super-tasty garlic? Like with tomatoes, home-grown garlic tastes much better that shop-bought garlic, which is generally imported and irradiated. Garlic (Allium sativum) planting time is from mid-February to the end of March, but extends into April for giant garlic. For best results use organically …

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