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The All Africa Cup

The All Africa Cup                   The South African Flower Union is presenting the first ever All Africa Cup welcoming visitors from Kenya and Zimbabwe to make history in the wonderful world of flowers. The SAFU Congress 2018 takes place during The Witness Garden Show 2018 from the […]

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Food Garden Design

FOOD GARDEN DESIGN Designed to feed By Anna Celliers Few gardening experiences are more rewarding than picking home-grown edibles, and the ways in how they are produced are always changing. In simple terms, you don’t need much to start a veggie patch. The basic requirements are fertile soil, good drainage, full sun for at least […]

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Soup, beautiful soup!

Soup, beautiful soup! The best herbs for soups, and some of the earliest soup recipes using herbs. By Alice Spenser-Higgs It’s not necessary to have read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to identify with the Mock Turtle’s song, Soup of the evening, beautiful soup! For as long as people have put fire and edibles together to […]

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