St Johns Lifestyle and Retirement Village

Designed by Garvin Landscape Designs

St Johns Lifestyle and Retirement Village and some of its many unique lifestyle and retirement features are reflected in our stand for 2018. The Estate remains unique among many other Estates and retirement villages in the area as a large part of the land is kept aside and protected for agriculture. A large number of allotment gardens remain ever popular, allowing its residence to try their own hand at growing herbs and vegetables. Large areas within our Arboretum garden are given not only to allotment gardens but also to small scale vegetable farming which helps support residence and staff alike. Rest and relaxation areas are built alongside these “working” areas and offer a great all round garden experience to residence and visitors. Much of the “old world” farming feel is kept and encouraged throughout the Estate and affirms its great farming history. Extensive, shady avenues are now developing, along with expansive paddocks for grazing. Orchards and vineyards also make up a large part of the “farm” village which is set to continue its expansion.