Terms and Conditions


  • The gardens are to be built in the Parks/Olympia Hall at the Royal Showgrounds for The Witness Garden Show open to the public from the 6-8 September 2019.
  • The size of the space allocated on a first come, first serve basis is 5m wide x 8m long with a draped wall backdrop.
  • You can begin implementation of your garden on Monday 19 August. All gardens must be complete by 10am on Thursday 5 September for judging.

Rules and regulations


  • The Witness Garden Show opens to the public from the 6-8 September 2019.
  • The gardens will be built in the Parks/Olympia hall at the Royal Showgrounds. Space will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The size of each exhibit is 5m wide x 8m long. The back wall will be draped in back. However, if you wish to add your own backdrop, provisions will be made with notice to the organisers. Banners must be up before draping begins on Wednesday 21 August.
  • The show organisers will provide space only.
  • Designers can start build up on Monday 19 August.
  • All gardens must be completed by 10am on Thursday 5 September for judging. Gardens not completed by this time may be penalised.
  • Carpeting will be placed in position from 3pm on Wednesday 4 September. At this time all items in the walkways must be cleared.
  • There is no theme for this year’s show.
  • All entrants must complete an application form and agree to the rules and regulations of the organisers and the Royal Agricultural Society.
  • All plant material and hard landscaping materials must be supplied by the entrants.
  • Break down of gardens is the responsibility of the entrants. Break down can only begin on Sunday 8 September after 6pm. All gardens must be dismantled and removed before Friday 13 September. The area must be cleaned of everything.


Branding of your company is limited to information on a board which will be printed and provided for your stand at no cost.

The information for the boards must be supplied by no later than Monday 19 August. The following information must be supplied:

  • Name of Exhibit
  • Designer and constructor of the Exhibit
  • A garden plan/drawing in hi res pdf or jpg format
  • A plant list
  • A motivation in 150 words on the garden
  • Sponsors – any people you wish to thank and sponsors’ Logos in hi res jpg or Pdf format. This can include your own company logo.

All information must be emailed to wendy@thegardener.co.za before the 19 August 2019.

Failure to submit part or all of the info may result in no branding being displayed on your stand.

During the show, you are welcome to be at your stand and market your business. Leaflets can only be given out from your stand and not anywhere else in the grounds and not in the walkways.



  • Judging of the garden will commence on Thursday 5 September at 10am at which time the hall will be closed.
  • The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Judges will be sourced by the organisers of The Witness Garden Show.
  • Prizes are awarded as cash prizes.

Judging criteria

The judges will be looking for the following in a design:

A: Effort (marked out of 35)

Level of difficulty in bringing the display together. Creativity via the good use of props.

B: Impact (marked out of 35)

The overall impression, level of creativity/theatre and unity, balance, design, colour and finish.

C: Quality of Plant Material (marked out of 25)

Colour, texture, quality and relevance

D: New ideas (marked out of 5)

Originality and new ideas


The points are awarded as such

98-100% – Gold with Laurels

85-97% – Gold

64-84% – Silver with Gilt

49-63% – Silver

24-48% – Bronze


Awards Ceremony

  • Entrants are invited to the official opening of the show cocktail party taking place on Thursday 5th September at 6pm when the winners will be announced. There will be a cash bar available.

Access and permits

  • Each garden exhibit will be allocated 4 x exhibitor and 2 x parking permits for the duration of the show and build up. These will be available from the admin office at the Royal Showgrounds.
  • Additional Exhibitor Access Cards will be available at a cost of R75 inc VAT.
  • Additional pre-paid admission tickets are available to exhibitors only at a cost of R45 inc VAT each.  These can be purchased at the administration office.
  • From 7am on Wednesday 4 September 2019, only vehicles with their access permits will be allowed into the grounds.
  • All other vehicles need to park at Voortrekker Sports field parking (via Howick Road) across the road
  • Due to very limited parking inside the Showgrounds, you are requested to off load your vehicle as quickly as possible and move your vehicle to the Voortrekker Sports field parking once unloaded. The Society reserves the right to remove any vehicles at the risk and cost of the owner/driver
  • Wherever you stop to off load, please ensure that there is sufficient room for at least a truck to pass.
  • Service providers must have an access permit to gain access to the grounds. Please advise us in advance whether any service providers will require access, so we can give you access permits.


Added value

For professional landscapers and garden designers, we have an added value package that includes the following:


DISPLAY ADVERTISING in the monthly magazines The Gardener and Die Tuinier

You can choose between a ½ page advert (any time over a 12-month period) or 1 x Groundcover advert (65 x 80mm) in every issue for 12 months. These include both English and Afrikaans adverts.

Value R26 400.00 EXC VAT


DIGITAL MARKETING on all our social media platforms

  • 1 dedicated, permanent garden design article on thegardener.co.zafrom a garden that you have designed and installed. This page will include a click though banner to your website.
  • Website article will be shared and boosted once on The Gardener/Die Tuinier and Garden Show social media pages. Your business tagged in all posts.
  • Website Article will be shared on The Gardener/Die Tuinier Newsletters.

Value R11 985.00 EXC VAT