Floriate 2019

Kwa-Zulu Natal Association of Flower Arrangers –KZ-NAFA– presents:


This national flower show will take place at The Witness Garden Show and will feature beautiful artwork from numerous flower fanatics, both aspirant and professional. 


When: 4 – 8th September 2019


Where: Parks Hall & Floriate Hall 6 & 7, The Witness Garden Show, The Royal Showgrounds, Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal. 


To Enter: Please contact Vaughn or Rosemary, details below: 


Show Chairman: Mrs Vaughn Harrington

                             Phone: 083 510 8792


Show Secretary: Mrs Rosemary Blair


                             Cell: 082 887 5415      

Entries Close: Friday 23 August 2019


Class Entry Fees:

Class 1- 8  (before Friday 24th August 2018 )            R   40.00  per class,

Except Class 2   Imposed                                                R  320.00

Class 9  &  10 (Children)                                                   R    15.00

Late entries                                                                        R  100.00

No refunds for cancellations.



Cash payments can be made with signed entry form.

Preferred payment by EFT, must be made to: 

KZNAFA, Standard Bank, Hillcrest.

Account No. 053077822.

Use surname as reference.

Copy of EFT to be sent with a signed entry form.

Entries must be submitted by Friday 23 August 2018

To the TREASURER:    Mrs Sandra Pillay

Cell: 076 814 3346

Email :  gillitts@iafrica .com

Alternative choice:  Please give an alternative choice in case a class is full.



Class Prizes –  1st , 2nd and 3rd will be cash.

Special Prizes:

Best on Show (excluding Classes 3,6 and 9)

Best Use of Colour all classes

Most creative only Classes 3 &6

Best Junior Exhibit Class 9. All ages.

Prizes will be handed out from the KZNAFA table in the Parks Hall.


Children’s Classes all age groups 1st – R120, 2nd – R80, 3rd – R60.

Class 8 1st – R400     Classes 2, 4 & 5 – 1st R600   Classes 3, 6, & 7 1st – R1200

              2nd – R250                                    2nd – R400                           2nd – R800

               3rd – R150                                     3rd – R250                              3rd – R600


TIMES : Staging :  Wednesday 5th  September 2018 .

            All classes   08h00 –16h00 except

  • Class 2 Imposed 13h00 – 16h00
  • Class 9 Junior Class  11h00 -14h00

Watering: Friday – Sunday morning

Judging: Thursday 5th September 2019 (09h00 – 14h00)

Dismantling: Exhibits may only be removed on Sunday 8 September from 17h00 and Monday 9 September between 08h00  –  10h00.

NB: Cars are only allowed into the showground from 17h30 on Sunday. 

Any exhibit not removed by 10 am will be regarded as abandoned.



These rules supersede the SAFU handbook should there be any variations.

  1. No form of painting of plant material etc. is allowed in and around the RAS Buildings.
  2. Nothing may be attached to the show backgrounds or structures.
  3. Exhibits that exceed the allocated space will be downgraded.
  4. The show committee reserves the right to position entries at their discretion.
  5. Any exhibitor working on their exhibit after 16h00 on the day of staging will be disqualified.
  6. Plant material must predominate unless otherwise stated in the schedule.
  7. Painted and/or artificially coloured plant material may be used in all classes unless otherwise stated in the schedule.
  8. Dried, bleached, preserved and skeletonised plant material is considered natural.
  9. Please note candles may be included but not lit due to fire regulations. Battery operated lights are allowed.
  10. Competitors can only use pre-constructed or pre-woven plant material that does not constitute the dominating component of the design, except in Classes 3&6.
  11. Classes 3, 6 and 9 are not eligible for the Best on Show. Fresh plant material must be in water or water retaining material unless material remains turgid throughout the show.
  12. Fresh plant material must be in water or water retaining material, unless the material remains turgid throughout the show.
  13. Any pre-construction must be cleared with the Steward on duty before Staging.
  14. No component of the arrangements may be removed after judging has taken place. Exhibitors are responsible for the neatness of their allocated space as well as the maintenance of their exhibit for the duration of the show.
  16. No help may be given to any competitor regarding the preparation or construction of an exhibit during staging, unless help is required to lift a heavy object and then only with the assistance of the steward on duty.
  17. Competitors are kindly asked to remove all their own debris from the premises of the show after staging and dismantling.
  18. The Show Organisers and RAS are not responsible for any loss, damage or injury incurred by the exhibitor.
  19. Agreement to the rules and regulations is signified by the SIGNING of the entry form.
  20. No arrangement may be dismantled before the time stipulated in this schedule.
  21. Imposed Class 2 –All materials to be supplied by the Show Committee.
  • Competitors to report at 12h45 to Mrs Harrington at the entrance to Hall 7.
  • Please bring scissors/secateurs/knife only.
  • Competitors will not be allowed access to the hall prior to this time unless competing in another Class.


  • Judging will be done according to the English version of the 2017 SAFU Handbook for Judges and Flower Arrangers.
  • The Judges will use the ribbon & point system.
  • Each class will be judged according to its own individual title.
  • Interpretations will be according to the Oxford English, Collin’s and Webster’s dictionaries.


Class 1    ‘Enchanted Forest’

 This class is for all arrangers who have not competed at an advanced level in any Flower Show or Club competition.

Staged: on a Trestle table covered with a soft blue green cloth.

Allocated space: width 900mm, depth 750mm, height optional.

Judged from the front. and viewed all round.


Class 2   ‘Bubble, Bubble Toil and Trouble’ Imposed  

Please bring scissors/secateurs/knife only.

Staged:  on Trestle table covered with a Blue grey table cloth.

Allocated space: width 900mm, depth 750mm, height optional.

Judged from the front. & viewed all round.


Class 3 ‘ A Character from a Nursery Rhyme or Fairy Tale’

A Pre done class. A character from one of the above.

For the costume or outfit, fabric is suggested as the base, as this item will be worn daily at the show for a few minutes. Plant material must predominate.

2 people may work on this design.

Staged: on a wire bodice, fixed to a stand. Bodice- Size 32.

Allocated space: width 1500mm, depth 1500mm, height optional. 

Judged from the front and viewed all round.

Measurements of the bodice will be supplied on entry.


Class 4  ‘Quirky and Strange’

Free standing design on a 900mm round disc on the floor.

Own staging to be supplied.

Staged: On a Lime green disc.

Allocated space: diameter 900mm, height –optional

Pre done components may pre dominate

Judged and viewed all round.


Class 5  ‘ Mystical Orb(s)’

A Hanging design.

Staged: Hung from a hook 1820mm off the ground.

Allocated space : width 900mm, depth 900mm.

Judged from the front and viewed all round.

Maximum weight 3kg.


Class 6   ‘Carnival Headdress’

A Pre done class

Plant material must be included.

This design will be worn at the show daily.  

Staged:  On a Black stockinged Torso on a Black plinth.

Plinth:  width 400mm, depth 400mm, height 800mm.   

Allocated space: 1000mm, x 1000mm, height unlimited.

Judged from the front and viewed all round.

Suggested an elastic be attached to go under the chin.


Class 7 ‘Upcycled”

A Free standing design on a disc on the floor.

Two frames will be supplied, own staging to be supplied.

Staged: On a grey disc on the floor, with two dark grey frames supplied.            

Base: disc diameter1200mm.

Frame size: width 350mm, depth1.50mm, height 900mm.

Allocated space: 1200mm diameter, height unlimited.

Judged from the front and viewed all round.


Class 8  ‘Creative Freedom’

 A Petite design

Staged: On a table covered in a grey cloth            

Allocated space: width 250mm, depth 250mm, height 250mm.

Judged from the front viewed all round.

A trestle table with chairs, will be set up to work on staging day.


Class 9 ‘Flowers in a Mug’ – Children’s Class

1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes in each section.

Each arrangement to be done in a mug.

Staged: on a trestle table on a grey cloth.

Allocated space: width 250mm, depth 250mm height optional.

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-12

Ages 13-18

Judged from the front and viewed all round.