The Rare and Air Garden


Application of human effort and accumulated knowledge, skills and tradition to produce beauty and meaning from our environment.


Rare and Air specialises in growing Tillandsias, often known as airplants.  These special plants from the Bromeliaceae family absorb all their nutrients and water through their leaves and their roots are used for anchorage only.  In nature they grow epiphytically on trees or on rocks and even in shifting coastal sands.  Different species grow from low to high altitude and from dry desert conditions to moist cloud forest.  Our knowledge of Tillandsias and their growth habits allows us to use them creatively to enhance our environment. 

Our aim is to create a small garden with a pergola decorated with Tillandsias from Rare and Air and bromeliads from Craig Nicholas to illustrate how anyone can find a way to incorporate these plants into their living environment. Regardless of whether you have a large garden with mature trees or a small balcony with space for a couple of hanging plants.  Being able to hang and mount Tillandsias means we can use them in a multitude of ways and in different dimensions as we are not anchored to the soil.

Tillandsias are the perfect plants to use with the theme of articulture.  We use them in creative ways and in conjunction with upcycled objects; reclaimed materials; hand crafted metalwork from local artisans and our own woodwork to create displays that inspire people to use Tillandsias in their own homes and gardens.