Midlands Rose Society Garden


Using flora to create works of art has its origins in the mists of time – variations are unique, multitudinous  and often  mark a celebration of an important  event.  Rites of passage abound in life,  all manifested in different ways  to reflect the cultural background of its participants. Weddings  are one such example where flowers, and in particular the rose, play an important part, whether in a tiny posy or an opulent display. The art of creating something memorable as befits the occasion is the ultimate aim.


Inspired in part by the recent Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Midlands Rose Society decided to stage a work of art of their own, focusing on a  wedding scene of their making where the lavish use of flowers combine to create a breathtaking  backdrop for the bride.


The entrance to the church is depicted in 3-D: rose encrusted  arches leading the eye to the altar where the marriage will take place. All the vital elements are present, the bride, both bridal and registration tables, bouquets and confetti baskets all creating an ambiance of expectation and anticipation of a noteworthy event.  It is a moment frozen in time where the different forms of flower arrangements take center stage, ranging from corsages to the church flowers, the bridal bouquet, and not forgetting the flowers surrounding the church.  The piece de resistance  is the massive canopy that covers the entire scene melding it into a dramatic display –an epitome of the use of flowers in different guises to create a work of art and forever linking the event to its surroundings  – a wedding to which we are all invited.

Midlands Rose Society


The Midlands Rose Society starts planning months in advance. After seeing the entrance of the Chapel at Windsor Castle for Prince Harry’s wedding, the society thought that a wedding would be a good way to use roses in different ways. Plans were drawn up and roses were ordered. Over 5000 roses were used in this garden. The backdrop was made by one member who used pictures of roses from her own garden to create the work of art. Luckily, this year, a member arrived with her staff who built the huge structure that featured the garden. The MRS is very grateful for the sponsorship from the Royal Agricultural Society and are very proud of their display as well as the fantastic accolades they received from the general public.