Greg Dowsett Landscaping

This year has come as a bit of a surprise. Up until 4 weeks ago I was not going to participate in the show as my business is experiencing exponential growth at the moment. Fitting in a garden show keynote garden seemed out the question. After having my arm twisted to create two mini gardens, I thought that’s easy, I’ll go for it, until I saw how mini they were, I just knew I had to increade the size of the garden and here is the result.

In traditional Greg Dowsett form, I have combined two garden styles to represent the diversity of my portfolio and design capabilities.

The traditional area of the garden features an old world tiered water feature, rustic but traditional red brick walls and a broken brick pathway lead into the transition zone – the firepit area.

Firepits are becoming the number one asked for feature with my clients in 2018 and can take on many forms and fit many budgets.

This comprises of a gravel garden around the firepit which blends perfectly into the more contemporary side of the garden with interesting hard landscaping being the main features, from the randomly tiled feature wall to the wooden tree planters and rectangular pond. The rusted steel elements and the old wooden sleepers help to blend this part of the garden to the rustic feel of the traditional side of the garden and work well together with the transition zone.

Both areas of the garden are unified by the softness and colour of the plant material which has been kept specifically at a low level to enhance the hard landscaping elements of the garden rather than hide them.

As far as relating to this year’s show theme – Articulture, I consider all gardens I design to be art combined with Horticulture, which is how I have interpreted the word.

Art – The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in visual form.

Culture – The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Horticulture – The art of practice of garden cultivation and management.

Greg Dowsett