Garden Heart Landscaping

Tranquil escape

Who needs a large space to create your happy place.  In this crazy busy world we live in, where time is money and space is like gold, we all need to  escape to that one place that takes us away. Where we can sit and enjoy the calm of being in the moment.  With nature and the sound of water, this is the best therapy.  By using the space cleverly Garden heart has created just that. Who would believe that with in 18m one can bring in so many elements. A Pergola patio designed to provide you with a room to chill, read a book, or just sit and enjoy your beautiful space. Organic textured furniture, baskets filled with beautiful lush indoor plants. Awesome contemporary planters, which bring in that special touch. The space is kept clean and simple, to allow the whimsical planting around it to shine.

What fun we had planting up this whimsical garden using all these beautiful plants, bringing in different colours and textures to create contrast. The star of the show, the spectacular Digitalis Camelot lavender AKA Fox gloves. What beautiful dancing stars they are. Using  different textures that complement and add interest against the flowering shrubs, we  introduced  Phormium tenax Rubra and Aristida Junciformis.

A punch of colour was brought in with the Argyranthanum Angelic Candy pink.

To use the space to the optimum, we introduced a green wall, that we planted up with a single species, that brings calm and simplicity.

A very special thank you to Leon from Firm wood who helped build the beautiful Pergola, Blackwood for supplying the spectacular plants, Pure leaf for the trendy planters and Vicinity for the green wall.

Hope you enjoy our calming and tranquil space.

Enjoy the rest of the show, it is a treasure of beautiful garden ideas and amazing plants

The Garden Heart Team