Food and Drinks

Walking around The Witness Garden Show may leave you ravenous, but don’t despair, The Gourmet Food Hall has you covered. Here you will find food to satisfy every tastebud, from coffee to cupcakes, curry and cabanossi, dig in to doughnut pops, extreme pancakes, tasty shawarmas and a jaffle or two.

Some of the new additions to the Gourmet Food Hall this year are,  Mozambik restaurant, bringing their famous peri-peri chicken and seafood; Lawman’s Mexican with cheesy quesadillas and real Mexican hot sauce and genuine Thai cuisine from Mekkhala’s.

For the adults, a new addition this year is the Gin Garden. The Gin Garden will have wonderfully refreshing traditional G & Ts, as well as specialty gins from across the country. These delicious gins are complemented by garnishes individually selected to pair perfectly with your drink.