EThekwini Municipality Garden 

Greeting to you all and welcome to Ethekwini municipality stand and most importantly to the entire 2018 The Witness garden show, a platform where, professionals and amateurs and related stake holders in the field of horticulture come together to showcase their talent and skills with inspirational and fresh ideas.

We are very honoured to have you in our stand and we hope that you will enjoy being with us and the rest of the show.

Coincidently, the 2018 The Witness garden show theme (Articulture) coincides with Ethekwini minucipality vision which seeks to have the municipality to be considered as the most liveable municipality in Africa by 2030. Under integrated development plan, aimed to achieve this vision, the EThekwini parks department is committed to provide sustainable landscape architecture that will ensure that the municipalities’ vision is achieved.

As part of our strategic plan to achieve this goal, our aim is to conserve/preserve and modernize existing resources into a world class status while preserving/ conserving regional ecological system.

Our stand is a progress garden with four phases, (lower planting, ponds, elevated platform with gazebo, seating arrangements and pot plants on top of the platform and tall Eugenia species) about 12m x 8m (96 square meters) stand. My inspiration for the garden layout (structures/hard landscaping materials), come from Victoria/ English garden combined with traditional semi-tropical planting, pre-dominantly green.

The most important concept of this garden is that is created to give you an idea of a back yard garden. This is a space where you can definitely escape from stresses of modern world, to bigger parks or Botanical gardens, this layout can be used as one of the secret places for certain special occasions such as weddings and family meetings.

The variation of plant heights, shapes and texture, clearly depicts a tropical environment. It is a calming and restful garden, predominantly green, consisting of Eugenias, palms and a variation of foliage planting.

The water fixtures were incorporated to promote a calming mode, while on the other side, the Dolphin water fixture is included to bring upon awareness to all of us to stop polluting our water resources, resulting in extinction of aquatic life.

The seedlings, orchards and succulents, add colour to the lower level of the garden.

Lastly, on behalf of EThekwini municipality, I would like to thank the sponsors and the organisers for one again, creating this platform, as well as affording us an opportunity to be a part of this year’s event.

The EThekwini municipality will always recognize the importance of this event, as one of the prime garden events in South Africa, where environmental issues (Flora and Fauna) related to landscaping and designs are dealt with annually. Through this event, we are able to showcase and grow our talents as well as to deal with environmental issues affecting all of us.

Thank you,

H.P. Mtembu