Feature Gardens

The Feature Gardens Hall is a must-see at The Witness Garden Show each year and 2018 was no exception. With gardens created by some of South Africa’s best landscapers, this year’s gardens were nothing short of spectacular. From roses to clivias, we had it all. 

The effort and care put into these gardens and displays is monumental. Each year the two weeks leading up to the show is dedicated to creating these masterpieces. Landscapers and their teams put in hundreds of hours of hard work, planning their displays and ordering everything that they will need. At the grounds, people are in and out, bringing in the hundreds of bags of compost, thousands of plants and flowers, rocks, logs, wood chips and stones. Structures are built, spotlights are hung, bricks are laid and fountains are waterproofed and this all has to be done before the soil is put in and the plants are arranged. 

At the end of the week it all comes together in the spectacular finished product. Featuring an exponential amount of creativity, each masterpiece told it’s own story and inspired the many visitors to the show. 

If you missed out, please click the links below to be apart of these wonderful creations.