The Plantae Orchid Society

The Plantae Orchid Club   The Plantae Orchid Club is currently the largest club/society affiliated with the South African Orchid Council. They have members from all over the country and even some members from Namibia and Zimbabwe. The aim of the club is to create a forum for orchid fanciers/growers who are in an area …

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Vintage Spice Gin

Vintage Spice Gin   Spice things up with this smooth, easy-drinking cocktail, and use the fennel stalk as a natural straw.   Ingredients: 37.5ml (1.5 tots) spiced gin Sprigs of fresh fennel Peppercorns 200ml tonic water Lemon or lime   Method:  Add the gin, ice and tonic water to a glass.  Stir the cocktail with …

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The Starke Ayres Kids Zone

The Starke Ayres Kids Zone   Bring your entire family along to The Autumn Garden Show 2019 for a fun-filled weekend of adventures to suit everyone! While the adults shop and visit the free talks and demos, the kids will have plenty to do at The Starke Ayres Kids Zone! Activities in The Starke Ayres …

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Panda’s Sweetcorn

Panda’s Sweetcorn Braai Surprise     Ingredients: 4 sweetcorn 2 tsp crushed garlic 2 tsp mixed herbs 125g butter 2 tsp apricot jam   Method: Light your fire and get coals ready for cooking Melt your butter and apricot jam together in a glass bowl Mix in the crushed garlic and mixed herbs Place your …

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Gin Steak

Gin Steak   Great tasting, melt in your mouth party favourite. Don’t limit your use of spiced gin to botanical cocktails – add it to a marinade for steak. This is surprisingly delicious, and you can actually taste the gin flavour subtly coming through.   Ingredients: 1 capful spiced gin 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 …

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