Midlands Rose Society

The Midlands Rose Society The Midlands Rose Society was started in 1987 at the then Rose Farm, Spurwing owned by Norman and Val Yeats. Val is still a member of the Society which celebrated its 30th birthday 2 years ago. The society is affiliated to the Federation of Rose Societies of South Africa (ROSA) which …

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Kids need to plant veggies

Kids need to plant veggies It’s true that most children kick up a fuss when you place a plate of vegetables before them, but if they have helped to plant and care for those vegetables there’s a good chance that they will begin to appreciate the crunchy sweet taste of young carrots or the wild …

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Quilting at the Show

Quilting at the Show Visit the Midlands Quilters Guild, the oldest quilting guild in South Africa, at The Witness Garden Show and marvel at exquisite quilts the members have made this year.  There will also be a small exhibition of leading fibre work artist, Roy Starke’s creations and visitors will have the opportunity to vote …

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Our Four Top 4×4 Tips By Far

Our four top 4×4 tips by far The golden rule of 4×4 driving is: as slow as possible; as fast as necessary. Basically this means that you should drive as slowly as you can over an obstacle, without losing momentum. Be light on the accelerator and use just enough power to overcome the obstacle. Don’t …

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5 Reasons to Start a Worm Farm

5 reasons to start a worm farm Womeries can be set up in the smallest garden and even a balcony and these are the reasons to give it a try: To feed your soil. A healthy worm farm can produce enough vermicompost (worm castings) and vermileachate (worm wee) to feed your whole garden. A wormery …

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