Blackwood's Backyard Participants


Melissa Clare van Amsterdam

Creativity is who I am, I love making novelty and wedding cakes. I entered to challenge myself as the only thing that’s survived in my garden were my forgiving succulents. I dedicate this garden to my hubby my kids, fur babies and extended family. 



Julia Bradford

My reason for entering is firstly the nudge from my girl friends, and secondly my love for gardening. I have already ‘phantom-planted’ up a space in my garden of the beautiful proteas and seasonal grasses at Blackwood’s. Their back drop will be my pink camellia and magnolia bushes.



Shaun van Huyssteen

I am a dairy farmer in the underberg area. I have always been a passionate gardener and have a love of Rose’s. Over the last couple of years I have taken pleasure in opening my garden to the public in our local open gardens. I have always enjoyed floral and design. The opportunity to enter the blackwoods backyard competition has allowed me to display my passions in both floral design and gardening. If I was fortunate enough to win. I would certainly put the prize money towards a new design element in my garden.


Henry Greenway

Inspired by a love for gardening and creative outdoor design, I entered this competition to stretch my creative boundaries in the “backyard” arena. Exploring fun and innovative ways to transform small spaces into beautifully functional edible gardens that are sustainable to the environment and community!

With my winnings, I would like to create a space which displays a benchmark of “Beginner-to-Fundi”. Showing how easy it is to plant a garden that rewards us with tasty treats.


Hilton Garden Club

The Hilton Garden Club is 72 years old and a very active club. We like to challenge other Garden Clubs to enter this competition and we promote gardening as a hobby for all ages, for a better future. Our club is involved in the Hilton Community in that we support the Hilton Business Initiative for the improvement of the village environment. We help with the maintenance of the Library garden and now a member is involved in reviving the M.O.T.H. Memorial Garden too.