Month: March 2018


  Water-wise roses and water-wise tactics   Rose gardeners will do everything they can to keep their roses going during a drought, and the past two seasons have tested their ingenuity and the roses’ ability to survive. A surprising discovery is that roses can survive on less water than we think. They might not look …

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  Growing orchids indoors    Anyone can grow orchids indoors; you don’t need to live in the tropics or have the luxury of a greenhouse, and there are plenty of options that will give you a beautiful display of flowering orchids year round. Orchids grown in the home during the colder months respond wonderfully well …

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Bedding Plants

  Bedding Plants Autumn highs By Alice Spenser-Higgs No longer is autumn that in-between season when we say a reluctant farewell to summer. As the leaves start turning red and gold, it is time to plant annuals that will flower before winter and even through winter into spring. Perish the thought that this is a …

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