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Little trees with Big Appeal

‘Bonsai’, an emblem of honour and prestige can be regarded as China’s best gift to the world. It has been said of bonsai that one needs to petition the patriot saint of bonsai (whoever he may be) to allow you to live for 200 years so as to appreciate a portion of one’s handiwork.

Bonsai being a tranquil artwork that is constantly evolving art, that will never come to completion. Amidst the astronomical speeds around us, this art form allows the splendour and majesty to be encapsulated with a few walls, where a few saplings and a stone to become an entire forest sprawled on a rocky mountainside, overlooking a rolling meadow of moss.

PMB Bonsai has been in existence since the early 90s with aim of promoting the art of bonsai as well as help further the skills and knowledge of the members. The club boasts an enthusiastic group of likeminded individuals, with an uncanny tenacity and passion for this art form. The society is committed to offering the expertise required to aid you in your bonsai journey.

Be sure to visit the PMB Bonsai stand at The Witness Garden Show in the plant hall.

The Witness Garden Show 2017

22-25 September 2017

09:00-17:00 daily

Royal Showgrounds, Pietermaritzburg